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LTL Freight

Less-than-Truckload (LTL) Services: TLI’s LTL Freight shipping solutions are designed to help you move smaller shipments cost-effectively and efficiently. With TLI’s ViewPoint TMS, you can easily compare LTL freight quotes from different LTL carriers and select the option that best fits your needs.

LTL shipping services are ideal for shippers with smaller shipments. An ideal shipment for this type of service is between 1 to 6 skids or a shipment between 80 – 15,000 pounds. Ensure freight is following proper packaging guidelines. Over length or irregular shipments are subject to extra LTL accessorial charges. A standard pallet, according to LTL carriers, is 48 inches x 40 inches and up to 96 inches in height. The last standard to be aware of is any cubic capacity rule. LTL carriers may deem freight quote invalid if shipments are over 12 linear feet or breaking cubic-capacity rules. A LTL Volume rate may be needed to route this freight.

With LTL freight, you only pay for the space your shipment takes up on the truck, making it a more cost-effective option than full truckload. Our network of LTL Carriers includes regional and national less than truckload carriers to help shippers route LTL freight with the exact service level needed.

What is LTL Freight?

Less-than-Truckload (LTL) freight is a freight mode that helps shippers without purchasing the entire truck. Typically, an LTL shipment consists of 5 pallets or shipments under 5,000 pounds total weight.

When to use Less-than-Truckload Carriers

Less-than-Truckload shipping is utilized for shipments too large for parcel carriers, but too small to justify shipping in a dedicated truck. Here are some benefits:

  1. Cost Effective: LTL shipping can help provide savings by only paying for the space you utilize on the trailer
  2. Small to Medium-Sized Business Friendly: Not all businesses have docks and LTL carriers provide services to help fulfill these smaller shippers
  3. Specialized Equipment: LTL carriers carry more specialized equipment, such as liftgates and straight trucks, to help their operations

What if my shipment is too big for LTL, but not big enough for a Truckload Shipment?

While Cubic-Capacity rules may rule out your standard LTL rate, volume rates are available to assist. Volume rates are dynamic and used to price shipments that are not covered in standard LTL contracts.

My Current Carrier is the Best

We all love our certain carriers! However, sometimes you may need a different option for various reasons. TLI partners with most regional and national carriers to help you when needed. Your favorite carrier is more than likely in our arsenal.

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