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Freight Audit

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Ensuring the accuracy and transparency of your freight invoices is crucial. Freight auditing services are specifically designed to meticulously examine and verify every aspect of your shipping expenses. This process involves a thorough review of invoices to ensure accuracy and identification of potential cost-saving opportunities. Experience a audit where each shipment is not just a transaction but an opportunity for strategic cost control and operational excellence through financial visibility.


Annual TLI Freight Audit Program Savings

The annual savings that TLI collectively brought to all it’s customers in 2023 through Freight Auditing Services.

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Freight bill auditing that extends beyond matching invoices. Find an audit team that helps mitigates problems.

reweighs & Reclasses

If the carrier finds incorrect weight or class information, they may charge the shipper for inspections and add extra costs. TLI experts flag shipments with reweighs or reclassification to help mitigate costs.

Accessorial audit

An accessorial charge may have been added to the shipment, even if it wasn’t necessary. Rather than paying extra for an unused service, TLI experts investigate whether the service was essential and dispute if needed.

PRocesses audit

If discrepancies persist, delve deeper into their root causes to identify and implement solutions. TLI’s systems play a key role in streamlining processes, ensuring accurate information is processed upfront to prevent back-end challenges.

How is Freight audit performed

TLI’s freight invoice software automatically flags shipments for our accounting team to mitigate if the invoice does not match the quoted amount. Our team of experts audit each carrier invoice to ensure the charge is valid and will dispute reclassification, reweighs and other accessorial with the carrier if not. If the charge is valid, then our team requires the carrier to provide proof. If common valid-charges occur (such as detention fees), our team works together to mitigate these costs on the shipper’s behalf.

Freight Audit Software

shipment Audit software

Automated Freight Auditing

When a shipper ships freight through TLI, the shipment will automatically go through audit software. ViewPoint TMS also provides scheduling safeguards to route freight accurately and efficiently.

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