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TLI partners with reliable and cost-effective rail shipping carriers. Rail freight shipping combines the flexibility of trucking with the efficiency of rail to move your goods across the country. Our team of logistics experts will help you choose the best intermodal transportation option to meet your specific needs. And we make it easy on the pickup & delivery side.

What is Intermodal Shipping

Intermodal Freight shipping is defined as utilizing two modes of transportation to move freight. While this is the definition, in most cases the definition refers to the utilization of truck and rail for the shipping. This type of carrier loads the shipping container onto a freight train for cost-effective freight routing.

Benefits of Intermodal Freight Services

There are several benefits including being cost effective and sustainable. Freight shippers typically find savings through this mode, while also lowering a carbon footprint comparable to over the road truck shipping.

When Should a Shipper Utilize Rail

Shipping via the rail extends transit time due to rail schedules, picking up the container, and other factors of the rail. If a shipper has the flexibility for a shipment delivery, then intermodal is a great option.

Equipment Used in Intermodal

Intermodal uses a container and truck with a chassis to move freight. A shipper will Live load and unload freight into a container from the carrier. The carrier then takes the container off the chassis to move via the rail. At destination, the carrier places the container on another chassis to deliver.

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