Truckload Freight

Truckload Freight

Safely and Effectively route large shipments. Route freight with vetted truckload carriers through TLI’s extensive network.

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Truckload Freight

Truckload Freight (TL) Services: TLI’s Truckload Freight help shippers route large or critical shipments effectively. Partnering with over 30,000 vetted carrier, TLI assists in all kinds of truckload equipment and shipments. The common equipment include: Dry Vans, Flatbeds, and Temperature controlled. In addition low-boys, hotshots, straight trucks, RGN, curtain-side, and more.

Utilizing a truckload option is ideal for shippers with larger, high-value, or time-sensitive shipments. The shipment will be routed on a dedicated truck aiming to deliver after picking up. Equipment types can vary, but most equipment types come in 48′ or 53′ lengths and can accommodate usually up to 44,000 lbs.

What is Truckload Freight?

Full Truckload (FTL) freight is a freight mode that helps shippers purchase the entire use of a truck. Since the driver will typically drive from pickup to destination with no transloading in between.

When to Utilize Truckload Carriers?

Truckload Freight shipping is utilized for the following kinds of shipment:

  1. Large Shipment: If a shipper requires a full truck, a full truck is best to purchase. A standard dry van can typically fit up to 26 standard pallets.
  2. Irregular or Uncommon Freight: Various equipment types give flexibility to irregular or freight unfavorable to LTL carriers.
  3. High-Value Freight: Freight claims rates tend to be lower with with truckload carriers since freight handling is minimal.
  4. Time-Sensitive Freight: If freight must deliver on a particular day, then a truckload carrier is best to utilize to avoid delays.

What if my Shipment is too big for an LTL carrier, but not big enough for Truckload Carrier?

Sharing space is also a common practice for truckload carriers. Flexibility on pickup and delivery dates are important, but sharing space may save costs.

Difference between Spot and Contract Rates

Spot truckload rates are based on the current demand at origin and pickup for specific equipment. However, contracted rates are based on re-occurrence through the same carrier. If you have a lane that consistently runs, a contracted rate may be better to ensure capacity is available.

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TLI has over 30,000 carriers in our network. Find flexibility in the spot market, while contracting recurring lanes. In any case, TLI has you covered.

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Utilize TLI services to help gain efficiencies past your freight bill. TLI’s managed services help route your freight, while achieving other operational goals.

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