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Shipping Solutions for the Building Material Industry

Meet the challenges of shipping various building material from suppliers to customers with innovative solutions in the building material industry.

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Shipping Palletized Building Material

Construction projects are heavily dependent on timely material delivery. Entrusting logistics management to freight experts can help deliver materials on time to prevent avoidable project delays. Additionally it offers better access to specialized equipment to handle unique material.

Ship building material

Transporting building material is crucial in the construction industry. Suppliers meet lead times and deadlines to keep projects on track. Explore different freight services to streamline your shipping operations with TLI.

Vendor routing

Keep a hand in how your vendors are routing freight. If you are receiving building material, keep all your inbound freight in one program with visibility to all shipments being routed.

omni modal solution

Optimize freight routing by partnering with TLI: a one-stop solution for all your shipping needs, offering a range of equipment options, including LTL, Dry Van, and Flatbed.

project-based pricing

Make the most of the spot market for single deliveries or secure a dependable carrier for a specific project. Routing through TLI provides flexibility to leverage the most suitable freight market for the job.

job site delivery

Transporting freight to a jobsite with an unconventional unloading area can be challenging. Inform us about your unloading capabilities, and TLI will find the right carrier to provide the right equipment.

Building material Shipping Technology

Viewpoint TMS

A Self-Service Portal.

ViewPoint TMS allows shippers the ability to book, track, file claims, and much more supporting actions. If you can’t find what you need, our team is ready to assist you.

Self-Service Freight Support System for Building Material Shipping
ViewPoint TMS for Building Material Shipping

Data-driven insights

Powered through Microsoft BI.

Dynamic charts and metrics to keep your insights together. Easily accessible across all of your integrated Microsoft and systems. Make data-driven decisions with readily available data.


Make Shipping Easy.

Trust the experts to make shipment routing easier. TLI has the experience and the people to make your shipping easier.

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Building Material Industry Shipping




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