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Proven Freight Management from a Third-Party Logistics Solution provider specializing in freight brokerage and managed services.

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Freight Management

Shippers face numerous challenges in managing their logistics operations effectively. Logistics management requires efficient transportation, warehousing, and distribution of goods, which can be challenging for any organization to handle independently. That’s where Third-Party Logistics (3PL) providers come in to offer managed logistics services that help shippers optimize their supply chain and reduce transportation costs.

Logistics Management Services

Your competition isn’t just adapting – they’re transforming with scalable solutions to elevate their supply chains to a strategic advantage. Translogistics (TLI) transforms a company’s supply chain with easy to implement, scalable solutions. As a 3PL brokerage expert, we offer more than just logistics services; we provide solutions to constant headaches that arise from logistics management. Allow TLI to handle and mitigate single shipment issues while you focus on the bigger picture.

Experienced Expert Advice

TLI is a 3PL that has experience on brokerage and transportation management services for over 30 years. Our team’s experience allows us to effectively understand and mitigate the problems in supply chains. Freight transportation is a simple, but complex process. Partnering with a team that has a lot of experience will help when your company is experiencing specific challenges for the first time.

Free Access to Industry-Leading Technology

TLI invests to bring advanced technology to our shippers. Our ViewPoint TMS is available to all shippers and is powered by industry-leading technology. This provides shippers with free access to the best software.

Customized Solutions

Our team welcomes and supports customized solutions as we understand an out of box solution does not fit all shippers. Discuss with an expert the challenges you’re facing, and we will help customize a solution for you with our freight management services. Find the right solution, to a complex problem.

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Freight Management Benefits

Manage Strategies. Delegate Problems.

Deploy a technologically progressive strategy to drive logistics scalability and visibility through data-driven decision making. Delegate single shipment issues to our TLI team and focus on the overall strategy.

Supply Chain Freight Management
Managed Freight Solutions

Gain Control. Share Visibility.

Share visibility across all departments in your organization, while keeping control. Other departments are able to utilize ViewPoint for their specific needs. Control carriers, reference numbers required, user visibility, and more. A completely customizable, easy-to-use system.

Managed Freight Services

Services to optimize Shipping.

ViewPoint TMS System Management Services

ViewPoint TMS System

Streamline operations across all departments with ViewPoint TMS. Powered by industry leading technology, empower your entire supply chain.

More on ViewPoint
Freight Invoice Audit Services

Freight Audit Services

TLI Collectively recovered our shippers $634,608 last year in freight bill audit recoveries. Invoice experts reviewing your invoices to discover any discrepancies.

Recover from Freight Bills
Freight Claims Services Management

Freight Claim Services

Allow TLI to handle your freight claims. Submit, track, and view claim statuses anytime in our system while our claim experts works for full reimbursement.

Delegate Claims
Logistics Management Services

Account Management

A dedicated professional for your account. Your account manager will hold business reviews to discuss analytics, KPIs, and develop game plans for the future.

Logistics Contract Services

Contract Forecasting

Our logistics experts help forecast future costs comparable to your contracts, market data, and historical data. Ship today, plan strategies with budgets for tomorrow.

Vendor Routing Managed Services

Vendor Routing

TLI’s vendor routing allows vendors to schedule their own shipments while being held to your guidelines. Control costs, and bring visibility to your inbound freight.

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