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Receive an iPad when using ViewPoint TMS to Manage your Freight

ViewPoint Ipad

ViewPoint TMS is TLI’s in-house built transportation management system. The system has been helping shippers route freight for over two decades, creating efficiencies and simplifying shipping across all teams in a company. Place your supply chain in the palm of your hands with Viewpoint TMS on iPad.

Since 2020, ViewPoint 2.0 is mobile friendly including the ability to run on an iPad for flexibility. Shippers are able to route, track, and provide analytics for their shipments on the go. TLI is extending the opportunity to try out ViewPoint on an iPad for shippers as a way to further enhance your shipping process. Qualifying shippers will be able to keep the iPad for future use.

The Benefits of ViewPoint TMS

ViewPoint empowers shippers in one consolidated system. Make shipping easier for all your departments with a one stop, easy to use system. Here is a short list of the benefits of ViewPoint TMS:

  • Retrieve Rates Across all Modes: Retrieve Parcel and LTL rates instantly with plans for truckload rate integration in the near future.
  • Purchase Labels / Book Shipments: Purchase a small parcel label or book an LTL / Truckload shipments in the system. Find flexibility in one system for all your shipping needs.
  • Track Shipments: All shipment history and detail is available at your finger tips. EDI/API connections with carriers allow for real-time updates with our team monitoring and notating exceptions.
  • Automated Reports: Schedule tracking reports to automatically send to your inbox. The reports are able to be in PDF or Excel formats.
  • Freight Claims: Submit and track freight claims for a shipment in the Tracking Module of ViewPoint Transportation Management System.
  • Freight Bill Audits: When scheduling shipments in ViewPoint TMS, the shipment is automatically audited our team. If there is a discrepancy, our freight auditors will review and validate the issue before sending out an invoice to you.
  • Data Analytics: Powered through Microsoft BI, have access to all freight data in one place. Track carrier performance, shipment totals, freight Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and much more.

Receive a Free iPad to Route Freight via ViewPoint TMS

Between May 1, 2024 to May 31, 2024, TLI will gift a free iPad to a new TLI shipper pre-loaded with a TMS shortcut for their operations. To qualify, a shipper must be a new customer, sign a 1 year transportation management agreement and commit to $1 million-dollars of freight spend in the first year. For more details or to schedule a demo, reach out to our TLI team today. Other restrictions may apply and is only valid for qualified shippers.