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Freight Claims

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freight Claims

Freight claims involve addressing issues with damaged or lost goods during transportation. Navigating this process efficiently is crucial for businesses seeking resolution and reimbursement. Our expertise focuses on streamlining the claims processing, aiming to minimize disruptions and maximize recovery.

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Types of Freight claims

Learn about the different types of freight claim submissions.

Visible Damages

Freight that is received with noticeable damages to the packaging or product itself. This type of damage requires immediate notation of damaged freight on proof of delivery.

Concealed Damages

Damages that is discovered after freight has delivered, such as damaged product inside of the packaging. Concealed damages must be filed within 5 calendar days of receiving freight.


Freight that is lost in transit, typically in the LTL networks. A shipper may file for lost freight damages after reasonable time is allowed for carrier to dock search and find the freight.


If a pallet arrives with less product than was deemed as shipped, then a receiver can notate the shortage at time of delivery. This type of damage requires immediate notation of shortage on proof of delivery.

tli freight claim Management

Let experts take care of your claim filings: allowing you to get back to every day tasks.


The receiver identifies the damages upon arrival and clearly notates on paperwork of any damage. Notify TLI right away to get started.

gather documents

Provide the original invoice and pictures of the freight. TLI will gather the proof of delivery and get the documents to the carrier.

sit back

TLI handles the rest working direct with the carrier on your behalf. Once resolved, the claim will be sent out to your company.

Freight Claim Software

shipment claim software

Claims in ViewPoint TMS

When a shipper uses TLI for freight claims, they can file and track the status of claims in ViewPoint. In the background, TLI utilizes industry leading software to file and manage claims.

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