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Meet the challenges of shipping various auto-parts from suppliers to customers with solutions in the automotive industry.

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Shipping Palletized Auto Parts

Whether you’re a manufacturer regularly shipping car hoods or any other auto body part, or an auto store consistently requiring freight shipping services are essential for safely transporting your auto parts. Given the special handling requirements of many large auto parts, freight becomes the preferred method for transportation. Trust TLI for expert handling of all your vehicle part shipping needs. Obtain an instant quote for shipping auto parts today. We can offer you expedited services for rush jobs as well as LTL and truckload service depending on the volume of freight you need to route.

Ship Auto Parts

Transporting auto parts is crucial in the production and after-market. An auto part supplier needs to ensure their parts are on time for all applications. Untimely delivery may cause production lines to stop or stop a valued customer from receiving the repair needed.

Vendor routing System

Take control of your inbound freight routing. Ensure that you have visibility in when products will deliver, how vendors will ship your product, and control the costs of your transportation. All while letting the vendor schedule the shipment for you in our TMS.

audit specialists

Avoid surprise charges on your invoices with our expert auditors who specialize in freight bills, ensuring accurate automated processing and following industry standards, to minimize costs.

account experts

Gain access to experts in managing your account. Your dedicated expert will meet with you to discuss recommendations and overviews of your program to ensure goals are met and problems are solved.

claim specialists

Claims happen routing freight. Our team can provide a dedicated claim specialist to help you through the process. Expert advice can help make sure current and future recoveries in claims.

Auto Part Shipping Technology

Viewpoint TMS

A Self-Service Portal.

ViewPoint TMS allows shippers the ability to book, track, file claims, and much more supporting actions. If you can’t find what you need, our team is ready to assist you.

Self-Service Freight Support System
ViewPoint TMS

Data-driven insights

Powered through Microsoft BI.

Dynamic charts and metrics to keep your insights together. Easily accessible across all of your integrated Microsoft and systems. Make data-driven decisions with readily available data.


Make Shipping Easy.

Trust the experts to make shipment routing easier. TLI has the experience and the people to make your shipping easier.

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