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International Freight

Air, Ocean, LCL, FCL solutions. Everything a shipper needs to route International Freight.

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International freight services

At TLI, we provide top-notch international freight options for our clients. Our experts understand the complexities of global logistics and work to provide the transportation they need. When you partner with TLI to manage shipments, rest assured that your shipment is in expert hands.

Less than Container Load Services

LCL shipping services are ideal for businesses that have smaller shipments that don’t require a full container load. TLI consolidates your shipment with other shippers’ freight to optimize container space to reduce shipping costs.

Full Container Load Services

For larger shipments that require a full container, FCL shipping provides reliable, door-to-door transportation. Our international team can help shippers select the right container size for your cargo, and we work together with vetted carriers so your shipment arrives safely & on time.

International Air Freight Shipping

Air freight services are perfect for urgent shipments or small cargo. Find space with airline and freight cargo carriers to route your shipment quickly. TLI has the partners to make it happen.

Drayage Services

A team of experts to help get freight from the dock to the final destination. Our network of carriers help shippers route drayage shipments easily.

Route through One Partner

Route domestic and international freight through one omni modal freight broker. TLI is an expert in the industry since 1994 and partners with the best international partners. Find reassurance in routing all your freight in one place: Ship it TLI!

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International Freight shipping

International Freight Solutions

Omni Modal Intermodal


TLI routes freight effectively across all modes of transportation. Compare rates across LTL, Truckload, Rail, international, and much more.

ViewPoint TMS for Intermodal Shipping

ViewPoint TMS

Track all your shipments in one unified system. From domestic shipments to international, find success in one system.

Intermodal Freight Experts

Expert Assistance

Our team coordinates with expert international partners. Receive expert guidance and knowledge to your shipment.