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Looking for a reliable, cost-effective way to route Flatbed Freight? Look no further than TLI – the Omni-modal freight broker. With our team of experts, have confidence in routing freight.

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Flatbed Freight

What is a Flatbed?

A flatbed trailer is an open trailer where a shipper has access to all sides for loading / unloading. The equipment allows for irregular, oversized, or unusual cargo to be placed on a truck. While there is flexibility into loading onto the trailer, flatbeds should be strictly monitored to avoid any legal issues.

Standard Flatbed Shipping
Standard Flatbed Dimensions

Flatbed Dimensions

Industry standard dimensions are:

  • 48′ Long
  • 100″ Wide
  • 110″ Legal Height
  • Max Weight of 48,000 lbs

Most flatbed drivers will have tarps and straps to secure the freight. A good rule-of-thumb is that no piece should be over 8′ high without permits. This may vary by state and specialty trailers can help route these larger types of freight.
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Why use a Flatbed?

Flatbeds provide a more practical loading for items that can not be loaded into the back of a trailer. This includes construction materials, machinery, piping, and other items that require side loading.

Hotshot Trailers

Hot Shot trailers are a smaller type of Flatbed Trailer. These trailers are typically hauled by a standard pickup truck and varies in sizes from 20’ – 40’ long. Hot shot trailers are great to utilize for smaller, short haul shipments to get freight to project sites.

Benefits of a flatbed

Load ability

The trailers allow for irregular freight to load easier. Long piping or construction machinery is a great example. These materials are tough to load / unload in a Dry Van.

Weight Limit

Due to less equipment infrastructure, flatbeds can withstand a bit more weight than an enclose trailer. This allows more weight to be held on the trailer by about 4,000 lbs.

Dedicated Options

Flatbed trailers are ran most commonly as a dedicated option. The options are done through truckload carriers that pickup at point A and deliver at point B. You can share space with a Partial Truckload.


Routing Flatbed Freight with TLI

Benefits to Routing with TLI

Carrier Network

TLI has an extensive network of carriers. With the ability to pull rates from less-than-truckload, spot markets, and contract markets, TLI ensures that your freight is covered.


Through industry-leading vetting technology, TLI can vet out potential carriers and monitor carriers. Ensuring that only the best carriers are given freight.

Experienced Experts

TLI has three decades of experience in routing freight. Our team has industry experts from asset-based and brokerage backgrounds to help provide extensive knowledge.

Different Solutions

Find what works for your company. TLI offers great services as a standard, with the option to expand if required.

Flatbed Freight Solutions

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