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Trucking Equipment Types

As a shipper, it’s important to understand the differences between the various types of trucking equipment types available. Each type of truckload equipment type offers unique benefits and is best suited for different types of shipments. For this reason, shippers may utilize a range of trucking equipment types. Here is a brief overview on the differences between the most popular equipment types TLI routes daily. 

Dry Van Broker

Dry Van

Dry van is the most common type of truckload equipment. The trailer is an enclosed trailer for freight that do not require temperature-controlled or special handling. For example, general cargo packaged in boxes, crates, and pallets.

Flatbed Broker

Flatbed Trucks

Flatbed equipment involves using a trailer with an open top and sides to transport goods. The trailer is used for freight too large or too heavy to fit in a dry van. For example, large machinery, construction equipment, and steel beams.

Temperature Controlled Trailer Broker

Temperature Controlled

Temperature controlled involves using a refrigerated trailer (Reefer) to transport perishable goods temp-controlled situations (Cold / Heat). For example, transporting fresh or frozen food, pharmaceuticals, and other temperature-sensitive goods.

Step-Deck Equipment Broker


Step-deck trailers have a drop in the bed to allow shippers to load freight that may be too tall for a regular flatbed. Step-decks may be a single or double drop and used to help stay within legal limits. For this reason, shippers typically only request this for taller equipment.

Curtain-Side Equipment Broker

Curtain-Side Trailer

A Curtain side trailer uses flexible curtains on both sides. The curtain allows for easy access to load and unload from the sides. For example, furniture, appliances, and building materials are common freight.

Conestoga Freight Trailer

Conestoga Trailers

A Conestoga is a trailer with a retractable roof and sides to transport goods that require protection from the elements. This trailer helps transport too tall or too wide for a dry van. For example, construction equipment, oil and gas equipment, and wind turbines are common freight.

Hot-shot Trailer Broker


Hotshots are smaller flatbed trailers with a gooseneck attachment. Typically, a pickup truck hauls the equipment allowing for swift delivery. For this reason, shippers from construction industries often request the equipment to get product and equipment to job sites.

Truckload Equipment Types Routing

Learning the various types of equipment may help a shipper route freight more effectively. Partnering with a freight broker, such as TLI, may provide additional assistance in selecting the right equipment. As well as giving additional flexibility to more equipment types.