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Industry-Specific Solutions

Automotive Parts Shipping Industries


Find solutions for shipping auto parts to productions lines and after markets distributors strategically.

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Construction Industry Shipping


Face the rising challenges of delivering oversized freight. Trust experts in routing freight of all sizes to source the right equipment for the job.

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Fabricating Shipping Industries


Partner with reliable carriers to ship custom fabricating jobs. Ensure experts move your product with the right equipment for the job.

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Industrial Machinery Shipping Industries

Industrial Machinery

Ensure that your high-value freight is transported safely and effectively. Experts help route to meet deadlines.

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Freight Warehouse


Make data-driven decisions in real-time to always ensure your product lines get to the customer on time, cost effectively.

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Packaging Material Shipping Industries

Paper & Packaging Supplies

Moving freight for healthcare and manufacturing packaging vendors, TLI has the suite of solutions for all types of packaging manufacturers.

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Other Industries Served

Building Materials Industries Shipping

ViewPoint TMS

Shipping Technology For All Industries.

A single-page web application TMS system built for all shippers, of any industry. The free-to-use system is available to all clients and used across all industries.

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ViewPoint TMS System




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Freight Services

Experts leading powerful services to shippers across all industries.

Freight Bill Audit

Our expert team simplifies and efficiently audits freight invoices. TLI identifying savings and preventing overpayments by disputing NMFC reclassification and reweigh disputes with carriers, ensuring accurate transportation costs.

Freight Claims

Rely on our seasoned claims specialists with vast experience in expediting the process. TLI manages claims efficiently, coordinating with carrier OS&D clerks to ensure swift settlements for damaged or lost shipments.

Transportation Mode Optimization

Find trust and reliability in routing your freight efficiently. TLI experts take every mode into consideration when providing back an all-in-rate. Find the best mode for every shipment.


Translogistics customizes LTL & truckload brokerage to match unique transportation needs. Our diverse carrier network includes dry vans, refrigerated, flatbeds, low boys, ensuring precise equipment for your requirements.

Expedite Recovery

TLI provides air freight services for swift shipping needs, guiding you to choose the ideal equipment for safe transport. Our customizable expedite brokerage services streamline operations, optimizing your supply chain efficiently.

ViewPoint TMS System

TLI offers a comprehensive, cloud-based Transportation Management System (TMS) for efficient transportation operations. Gain supply chain visibility with real-time tracking and reporting, aiding informed transportation decisions.

Freight RFP

TLI specializes in Truckload & LTL Carrier RFP Management, guiding you through securing optimal rates and services from carriers. Our expertise saves time and money, enhancing supply chain operations.

TLI offers data analytics, identifying trends and cost-saving opportunities to optimize transportation operations and improve your bottom line.

ViewPoint Shipping Software

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