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Temperature controlled

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Looking for a reliable, cost-effective way to route a temperature controlled shipment? Look no further than TLI – the Omni-modal freight broker. With our team of experts, have confidence in routing freight.

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Temperature controlled shipments

Refrigerated Trailers

Commonly known as a Reefer, a temp-controlled or refrigerated trailer is an enclosed trailer with a temperature module. The trailer is meant to keep temperatures at a controlled volume for keeping freight cool, or warm in the winter months.

Temperature Controlled Trailer
Reefer Temp Controlled

Temp Controlled Trailer Dimensions

Industry standard dimensions are:

  • 53′ Long
  • 100″ Wide
  • 103″ High
  • Max Weight of 44,000 lbs

A Reefer’s height is noticeably smaller than a dry van due to the refrigeration unit. Trailer dimensions are dependent on the specific trailer that a carrier owns and will operate for a shipment.
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Dual-Temperature Trailers

A specialty trailer that allows for various temperatures at break points in the trailer. However, these types of trailers are specialized and can be challenging to find available. TLI has partnerships in place that allow us to provide this service to shippers.

Dual Temperature Trailer

Why use a Reefer?

Temperature Controlled trailers provide confidence that perishable goods will not damage during transit. The trailers generally have a log unit to ensure that proper degrees were maintained over the course of the trip.

Reefers in LTL Shipping:

LTL carriers don’t use reefers, but offer services for temperature-controlled shipments. “Protect from Freeze” is a winter service that uses blankets and warm storage to safeguard products from freezing, ideal for mixed goods that can’t withstand cold.

route temperature controlled

Routing Freight with TLI

Benefits to Routing with TLI

Carrier Network

TLI has an extensive network of carriers. With the ability to pull rates from less-than-truckload, spot markets, and contract markets, TLI ensures that your freight is covered.


Through industry-leading vetting technology, TLI can vet out potential carriers and monitor carriers. Ensuring that only the best carriers are given freight.

Experienced Experts

TLI has three decades of experience in routing freight. Our team has industry experts from asset-based and brokerage backgrounds to help provide extensive knowledge.

Different Solutions

Find what works for your company. TLI offers great services as a standard, with the option to expand if required.

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