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Freight Technology

Introducing ViewPoint

Freight Technology built for the shipper.

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Quote, Book, Track

Seamlessly in ViewPoint.

Have the ability to quote, book, track shipments quickly. ViewPoint communicates with carrier systems utilizing API/EDI integration to have seamless connection.

Quote Shipments

Easily retrieve rates from multiple carriers and book with confidence with ViewPoint TMS. API/EDI capabilities allow real-time booking of shipments.

Track Shipments

Track shipment updates through API/EDI technology for visibility across all modes. TLI will monitor for exceptions to keep you updated in one place.

system connectivity

From Vendors to Enterprise Systems.

Vendor Routing Technology

Vendor Routing

Allow vendors access to the system and book shipments how you’d like. Control your inbound freight and bring visibility with the Vendor Routing Portal.

Freight Data Reporting Technology

Business Intelligence

Connect your freight data in Microsoft 365 Products with Power BI. Seamless integration through every day applications.

ViewPoint TMS Freight System

System Integration

Integrate ViewPoint with your current ERP System for added functionality. The best freight system integrated with your system.

Built for the SHipper

Unify Freight Technology in ViewPoint.

A freight system, or commonly known as Transportation Management System (TMS), is a complex software shippers use to route freight. While there is no short of options of TMS on the market, only few offer the flexibility for shippers that ViewPoint does. Built for the shipper, TLI offers a simplistic, omni-modal system that is backed by industry-leading technology. Take control of your supply chain, in the comforts of a simple system.

The freight system manages carrier contracts, tracking, proof of deliveries, freight bills, and reports. TLI’s in-house system leverages powerful industry technology into one unified portal. This allows shippers access to top technology while having a user-friendly design to route freight. Unleash synergy in your operations.

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Freight Technology

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