Expedited Freight

Expedited Freight

Expedited shipping services to get freight there fast. Find reliable carriers to ship freight quickly.

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expedited freight services

When a shipment needed to deliver yesterday, trust TLI to get a solution for fast shipping. Partnering with dedicated expedite carriers, TLI is able to route freight as fast as possible. From sprinter vans to air freight travels, get your product where it needs to.

Time-Sensitive Shipping

When shipments need to be there yesterday, rest assure TLI will get the shipment there as soon as possible. Our network of expedite carriers are able to be dispatched and to your dock within hours. As soon as the service is needed,

Equipment for Expedited Freight

Route freight through a dedicated sprinter van, cargo van, straight truck, or larger piece of equipment with a teams driver. However you need to get your freight there, TLI has a partner to get it done.

What does Expedited Freight Mean?

TLI invests to bring advanced technology to our shippers. Our ViewPoint TMS is available to all shippers and is powered by industry-leading technology. This provides shippers with free access to the best software.

Rescue Freight from LTL Terminals

Transit delays happen in the LTL network. If you are looking for a solution to stuck in transit freight, find an expedite recovery option. Our team works with the expedite carrier and LTL carrier to get your freight rescued and delivered.

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Fast freight shipping

Expedited Freight Solutions

Expedited Cargo Van

Sprinter and Cargo Vans

Place freight in a sprinter or cargo van to route smaller freight fast. This expedite option is the fastest solution to get material there.

Expedited Team Drivers

Team Drivers

Keeping in line with driving regulations, split the transit in half with team drivers. The team will get your freight there twice as fast.

Expedited Air Freight

Air Freight Services

Expediting through air freight services allow freight to get to all parts of the world fast. Find an option that works for your transit.