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Sustainability Commitment

At TLI, we are committed to revolutionizing the world of logistics and transportation. In an era where environmental consciousness is paramount, we understand the vital role that sustainable practices play in shaping a greener, cleaner future. Even in what is historically thought of as a not so green industry.

That’s why we joined the EPA SmartWay Transport Partner program in 2013 and have remained a member every year since. As a 3PL partner, we actively work to eliminate shippers’ carbon footprints by selecting carriers recognized for their efforts in reducing emissions. With a network of SmartWay Approved carriers, TLI effectively reduces the carbon footprint for shippers, making freight routing more sustainable and seamless.

2022 Review


Shipments Routed


Shipment Increase from 2021


Total Miles TLI Shipments Moved


Ton-Miles Shipped on Smartway Approved Carriers

2022 is last available data for the SmartWay program. 2023 numbers will be released when available.

Miles Moved

To visually put how many miles TLI freight moved in 2022, TLI assisted in enough freight to go 92.19% of a journey to the sun.

SmartWay Transport Partner
Smartway Certified Transportation Partner

Smartway Certification

SmartWay certification signifies a commitment to environmental stewardship. Shippers partnering with a SmartWay certified freight broker align themselves with sustainable practices that reduce carbon footprints. This partnership leads to optimized freight transportation, utilizing carriers and strategies that prioritize fuel efficiency and emission reduction. By reducing environmental impact, shippers not only contribute positively to the planet but also align with evolving consumer preferences, fostering a reputation for responsible business practices.

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