Small Parcel Shipping

Small parcel Shipping

Introducing small Parcel

Integrate all your shipping modes into ViewPoint. The Omni-modal freight system rating small Parcel and LTL shipments side-by-side.

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Streamline Your Shipping with ViewPoint.

Discover the power of streamlined logistics with our small parcel shipping services. Powered by Shippo, access hundreds of parcel options and rate small or large shipments in one system.

Purchase and print parcel labels in our ViewPoint TMS system. Compare rates from Small Parcel and Less-than-Truckload carriers to find the perfect mode of transportation for your shipment. All you need in one, consolidated system.

Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, we’ve got your covered for all your shipping needs.

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What is Small Parcel?

Small Parcel are shipments generally smaller than 150 lbs and measures up to 165 inches in combined dimensions. Carriers will vary on exact classification of small parcel shipments. For example, United States Postal Service (USPS) guidelines are up to 70 lbs and measures up to 130 inches in combined dimensions.

Utilizing Small Parcel Carriers

The process for small parcel carriers is different from Less-than-Truckload and Truckload carriers. A shipper will purchase a label from the carrier, but will still need to get the package to the carrier for transit. This is done either through drop offs at designated locations or through scheduling a pickup direct with a carrier.

TLI’s small parcel service is for the purchase of shipping labels. The shipper will need to schedule a pickup direct with the carrier.

What if my shipment is in between Small Parcel and Less-than-Truckload?

ViewPoint will allow you to shop both types of rates to select the best option. This one-stop rating service allows you to quickly compare and select the best option for the shipment in one system.

My Current Courier is the Best

Bring your small parcel carrier along! Powered through Shippo, our system can provide rates or utilize your negotiated contracts. Utilize our system for rating and tracking purposes, while keeping your carriers.

Small Parcel

Services to optimize Small Parcel.

Small Parcel Rating Engine

Compare Rates

If your shipment is in between LTL and parcel, find the best rate option. Compare the two modes in one system.

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Small Parcel Tracking System


Using integrations with carriers, find all shipment tracking information in one place. Track all your shipments in one system.

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