By Joseph McDevitt

Category: Logistics

With so many freight brokers, why do shippers chose TLI?

A Partnership Grounded in Shipper Obsession

Translogistics (TLI) started its journey in 1994 with a singular focus: helping shippers. For over 30 years, our entire team has shared this obsession. In the chaotic world of logistics, every problem presents an opportunity for us to showcase our value and service.

Shippers Choose between Countless Freight Brokerage Companies, Yet they Opt for TLI

When the transportation industry faces challenges like mechanical failures, delayed shipments, or trucks rolling off schedule, we see a chance to live up to our motto: Making shipping easy! So we treat everyone with respect and urgency. Our primary focus however is always grounded in meeting the needs of the shipper. Shippers can choose any freight broker, but they choose TLI for more than just competitive freight rates. They partner together with us because of the trust we build.

Managed Transportation

At TLI, we offer more than excellent services. Our relationships are founded on honesty, urgency, and a commitment to becoming an extension of our clients’ supply chain goals. We execute mandates with precision and dedication, always respecting shippers and catering to their every need. Essential logistics data, load tendering, TMS system support, custom invoicing, and automating GL coding are just some of the transportation services we provide. Whatever shippers need, TLI ensures those needs are met.

Experience the Best with TLI

If you’re a shipper and you’ve tried the rest, it’s time to try the best. At TLI, we treat you with urgency and respect, embodying our core values of Trust, Loyalty, and Integrity. We commit to helping you succeed.

Do freight brokers truly add value? Do you actually need one in your less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping network? Most of your peers would say yes. Research by Gartner shows that 81% of shippers believe working with a 3PL for their LTL freight is the best approach. Only 16% of shippers handle this function entirely in-house. It’s a common misconception that brokers simply connect shippers to carriers for a fee. The reality is far different, especially shipping partnered with TLI.

Prioritizing Urgency & Joy

Inexperienced shippers face a higher risk of unexpected and unpleasant charges, along with higher rates. For experienced shippers, a 3PL saves money and optimizes internal resources. Any freight broker can save you time and money, but can every broker offer the level of service TLI provides? We prioritize urgency and respect in every interaction. If TLI makes a mistake, we make it right. We want you to succeed as a shipper, so we keep our rates competitive and in line with the market. Our differentiation lies in our urgent and joyful attitude.

We can’t change the logistics industry’s inherent chaos, such as truck breakdowns, but we can control our reactions and emotions. We meet shippers’ needs with joy and a proactive approach. Choose TLI for a freight brokerage partnership that truly values your success.

ViewPoint Shipping Software

Building Relationships and Providing Urgent Support

Many shippers express frustration about the lack of personal interaction in today’s logistics industry. They often feel disconnected, with no relationships or points of contact for escalation. While many freight brokers focus solely on making money, TLI operates with a mission to genuinely help you.

Since our founding in 1994, we have navigated every recession not by exploiting shippers but by partnering with them and offering urgent support. We treat carriers as valued vendors, ensuring fast payments, clear communication, fair rates, and prompt load tendering. However, the shipper remains our top priority. We view shippers as our bosses and strive to meet their needs and expectations.

At TLI, we believe in building strong relationships and providing the support you need to succeed. So, choose TLI for a partnership grounded in trust, loyalty, and integrity. We are here to help you navigate the complexities of the logistics industry with confidence.