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Logistics Transportation Services

Providing logistics transport services to help route freight.

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Logistics Transport Services

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Shipping Transportation Services

Shipping transportation services integrate advanced TMS (Transportation Management System) technology for streamlined operations, encompassing carrier sourcing and a robust rating/tracking portal to monitor shipments in transit.

TLI provides cargo claims support, swiftly addressing and assisting in the event of damage, ensuring swift resolution, and minimizing disruptions in the supply chain.

logistics transport services

Services for the shipper.

Transport Services

Cargo Claims Management

Freight Audit Verification

GL Coding / Cost Center Coding

Auto-Load Tendering

Supply Chain Optimization

Dynamic Rating Engine

Shipping Services

Transportation RFPs

Freight Brokerage Services

Logistics Analytics & Reporting

Dedicated Account Manager Support

Reverse Logistics

Load Consolidation


Freight Bill Audit

Logistics Transport Services

TLI stands as the top preference for manufacturers and distributors in search of comprehensive 3PL solutions, surpassing mere cost-effectiveness by offering strategic proficiency in integrating TMS/ERP systems, ensuring vendor compliance, and customizing LTL & TL carrier sourcing. As a leading full-service logistics solutions provider (LSP), our aim is to enhance your operational efficiency, granting a holistic view of your supply chain. From fine-tuning third-party logistics to guaranteeing visible transportation, TLI is dedicated to empowering your strategic goals to fruition.

Logistics transport services

Move your Freight.

Less-than-Truckload Broker


Partnering with Regional and National based carriers, TLI helps shippers effectively route freight through the LTL network.

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Partial Freight Broker

Partial Truckload

A bit bigger than LTL, but smaller than Truckload? No problem. Find shared space through our carrier network.

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Truckload Freight Broker


Safely and effectively route your freight with a dedicated truck. Find the right equipment for the freight with TLI’s extensive carrier network.

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Transport brokerage company

Optimize your freight.

Shipping Transport Services

Teaming up with Translogistics Inc (TLI) ensures access to a renowned 3PL freight broker offering a wide range of managed logistics services. Whether for large publicly traded corporations or smaller family-owned businesses, TLI excels in its Transportation RFP expertise. Their skillful management of Logistics RFPs, a thorough review of carrier contracts, and use of artificial intelligence to audit freight bill data not only save time and costs but also ensure adherence to certified carrier standards.