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Thank you for seeking interest. TLI established itself in 1994 as a reliable and preferred choice for shippers seeking exceptional transportation solutions. With a focus on building long-term partnerships and delivering high-value transportation management services, TLI continues to make a significant impact in the logistics industry by supporting the success of manufacturing and distribution companies.

One of TLI’s key accomplishments is maintaining strong, enduring partnerships with its clients. On average, TLI has successfully collaborated with each client for an impressive duration of 10.5 years. This longevity speaks volumes about TLI’s commitment to building lasting relationships based on trust, quality service, and exceptional customer care.

Across multiple industries, TLI has become a proven leader for all kinds of freight. From general packaging goods to crated machinery to high-value pharmaceutical grade products, TLI has become the trusted partner to route freight for shippers across all industries.

TLI prides itself on delivering high-value service to its shippers. The company’s dedication to providing superior logistics solutions has made it a trusted ally for businesses in various industries. TLI possesses the expertise and capability to handle all truckload equipment types and modes of transportation. This versatility enables TLI to effectively cater to the unique requirements of manufacturing and distribution companies. Thank you for entrusting us in your next solution.


“Thank you” from our Shippers

“I had a lot of time critical shipments for a particular customer, and my CS rep not only helped me to plan and manage everything well, but also saved money for everyone!”

Thanks From Shipper

Michelle D

TLI Shipper

“I’ve been fortunate to work with Translogistics [TLI] for several years now and I always know that my shipments are taken care of. Should an issue arise, I know it will be fixed. I also like the report I receive each morning, it’s a great help when checking on shipments!”

Thanks from Shipper

Rae R

TLI Shipper