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Shipping Agent Near Philadelphia PA

Are you a shipper looking for a Shipping Agent Near Philadelphia PA? TLI, founded +30 years ago, boast a formidable dream team of freight agents poised to attentively address any tasks you wish to entrust to us. Whether it’s Less Than Truckload (LTL), Truckload, or international shipments, we are well-equipped to handle it all. Just provide us with an opportunity on a load, and we’ll demonstrate our capabilities.

Shipping Agents at Translogistics Exton PA

Freight Agents

A freight agent, often referred to as a transportation facilitator or third-party logistics (3PL) entity, serves as a link between enterprises requiring product shipments and the carriers responsible for transporting the goods. These intermediaries offer valuable assistance to shippers looking to route pallets of freight.

TLI, situated in the vicinity of Philadelphia, PA, with its central office in Exton, PA, operates as a freight logistics company. Specializing in enhancing shipping processes for businesses, we excel in identifying the most favorable rates and services for our clients. Functioning as a 3PL freight broker, we lack direct ownership of the transportation assets, such as trucks, railcars, ships, or planes. Instead, we hold contracts with numerous reliable carriers and utilize our purchasing influence to secure competitive pricing and allocate space for our clients. If you are looking for a freight agent near Philadelphia PA, we are here to advise that you have found much more! Let’s turn to our TMS system which can empower you to have visibility on what your shipping agents at TLI are doing for you.

TMS System for Freight Agents

TMS System

A primary service we offer is a transportation management system (TMS) designed exclusively for our clients. This proprietary online platform facilitates seamless freight spending management through a centralized dashboard. The TMS system empowers shippers to request freight rates, securely store shipment data, generate performance reports, conduct carrier invoice audits, and more. Essentially, the system serves as an all-encompassing solution for shipment management.

TLI, with our team of shipping agents, delivers significant benefits to manufacturing and distribution companies:

  1. Route Optimization: Our team assists shippers in identifying the most efficient transportation routes, minimizing costs and transit times. This proficiency stems from years of experience in comprehending lane rates, carrier capabilities, seasonal rate fluctuations, and other relevant factors.
  2. Claims Management: Regrettably, instances of freight damage and shipping errors occur. In such cases, our claims team acts on behalf of our clients, swiftly and equitably resolving issues with carriers and securing reimbursements. We serve as advocates and intermediaries, alleviating the burden for the shipper.
  3. Contract Negotiation: Leveraging our purchasing influence and carrier relationships, we negotiate advantageous long-term and volume-based shipping contracts, surpassing what an individual shipper could secure independently. This strategic purchasing approach results in consistent cost savings.

Shipping Agent for Shippers

TLI’s holistic approach, supported by our talented Shipping Agent Near Philadelphia PA, are geared towards ensuring that each client not only receives outstanding service but finds compelling reasons to return. We aspire to be the trusted partner you can rely on, fostering a long-lasting relationship built on trust, transparency, and the consistent delivery of value-driven solutions. As you experience the TLI difference, we anticipate becoming your go-to logistics resource for all your future shipping endeavors.