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Shipping Software Benefits for Shippers

The Best Shipping Software Features for Shippers

Explore how shipping software, or Transportation Management Systems (TMS), enhances your shipping process. High-end TMS Platforms offer significant advantages to shippers. This article dives into the valuable benefits of investing in a freight shipping systems.

ViewPoint Shipping Software

Rating, Scheduling, and Tracking

In the past, rating was a manual process requiring logistics coordinators to use rate tables and perform calculations. Nowadays, technology provides real-time rating and access to comparative rates from multiple carriers.

Previously, scheduling with carriers involved phone calls or emails to carrier representatives. Modern TMS technology connects seamlessly through EDI/API connections for real-time pickup scheduling. This benefits both carriers and shippers, ensuring immediate information transmission and automated planning.

At its most basic level, TMS Systems stores tracking information, including PRO#s and other reference numbers. This enables shipping clerks or customer service agents to quickly reference and track shipments. Leading shipping software includes EDI/API Tracking, integrating carriers and allowing for real-time tracking updates, similar to the rating and scheduling processes.

Document Management

Customers may request documents like Proof of Deliveries (PODs), original Bill of Ladings (BOLs), or other shipment-related documentation. Shipping software enables shippers to host these documents for easy retrieval and cloud-based storage.

Reporting and Data

Shipping software consolidates your data in one location, facilitating report exports and data analysis. Platforms like ViewPoint can seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Power BI, offering a unified view of data across Microsoft Products. Customized dashboards empower shippers to generate personalized reports and efficiently manage data reporting.

Partnering with a Third Party Logistics Partner

Advanced shipping software encompasses carrier management services, freight invoice auditing, and freight claim services. While these extended services may necessitate higher-end software, they are crucial investments for shippers.

Third-Party Logistics Companies, like TLI, offer shippers access to top-tier shipping software at affordable rates. TLI has invested in industry-leading technology, providing a user-friendly TMS System called ViewPoint. Tailored for shippers, ViewPoint seamlessly integrates with other leading software solutions.

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