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Transporting Food For Shippers

Transporting Food Safely and Efficiently

When it comes to getting food products from producers to retailers and restaurants, specialized shipping is critical. Translogistics (TLI) offers over 30+ years of expertise transporting food for shippers, including everything from pretzels and chips to frozen seafood safely and efficiently across supply chains.

Shipping Food

Shipping Food

Unique Challenges of Hauling Food
Transporting food poses unique logistics challenges compared to other products:

  • Maintaining temperatures within specified ranges to prevent spoilage
  • Preventing cross-contamination across different types of cargo
  • Navigating efficient routes quickly enough to prevent spoilage
  • Ensuring gentle handling and air-ride suspension to avoid damage
Food Shipping Company

TLI’s Specialized Food Shipping Solutions

TLI meets these unique food shipping challenges with a variety of specialized solutions:

  • Dual-temp reefer trailers capable of simultaneously transporting frozen, refrigerated and dry goods cargo.
  • TMS software providing real-time tracking, status updates, analytics and AI-enabled freight bill auditing.
  • An experienced team of logistics experts focused solely on food transportation needs.
  • End-to-end support transporting chips, salsa, bread, produce, frozen meals and more.

TLI also manages the carrier sourcing RFP and custom carrier contract process for food shippers. Our purchasing power ensures cost-effective pricing while still maintaining carrier service standards.

Shipping Frozen Food in Temp Controlled Truck

Shipping Food

When you rely on TLI for your food transport, you get:

  • Decades of food shipping experience across all supply chain links
  • Tailored food shipping solutions based on a thorough understanding of your needs
  • End-to-end coordination from origin pickup through last mile delivery
  • Compliance with all regulations and food safety requirements
  • Seamless transport allowing you to stay focused on your core business

Contact TLI today to learn more about our specialized food shipping services!