By Joseph McDevitt

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What Does a Freight Brokerage Company Do for a Shipper?

A freight broker is a company that acts as a middleman. They connect businesses that need to ship goods with carriers that can transport those goods. A freight brokerage handles the logistics so the shipper doesn’t have to. They work with shippers and carriers to arrange freight transportation.

Freight Brokerage Software for Shippers

Freight Brokerage Shipper Support

Translogistics (TLI) is a leading freight brokerage firm. TLI was founded in 1994, so they have over 30 years of experience in the transportation industry. They work with shippers and carriers across businesses in the United States.

TLI has a unique culture focused on truly helping shippers save time and money. Their comprehensive services give shippers an edge. TLI offers a full-service transportation management system (TMS) called ViewPoint. This tool can integrate directly with a shipper’s ERP system.

Transportation Management System

TLI’s ViewPoint TMS provides shippers with powerful capabilities. It streamlines operations by automating freight booking, tracking, and invoice auditing. The TMS handles automated GL coding and cost center coding for all shipments. This provides granular monitoring down to the SKU level.

Transportation Management System

A key TLI advantage is their freight invoice audit services. This uses artificial intelligence to audit carrier invoices against negotiated rates. If any discrepancies are found, TLI disputes and mitigates with the motor carrier on the shipper’s behalf.

TLI also assists shippers with cargo claims in cases of freight damage or loss. Their experts handle the claims process and negotiation with carriers.

The shippers choice!

Working with an experienced freight broker like TLI simplifies logistics. They leverage deep expertise and negotiating skills on transportation RFPs. Brokers have broad carrier networks to find the best options to move different types of freight.

TLI specializes in truckload, LTL, intermodal, flatbed, refrigerated, and other modes of freight transportation. They ensure shipments comply with applicable regulations like the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration rules.

Outsourcing freight logistics to a 3PL broker provides major benefits versus handling it in-house. It allows shippers to focus on their core business operations. Brokers use their supply chain expertise and carrier relationships to find optimal, low-cost shipping solutions.

The Best Freight Broker for Shippers

A top freight brokerage company like Translogistics acts as a shipper’s logistics partner. Their technology, auditing, claims, and negotiating capabilities save shippers significant time and money. Working with an experienced 3PL broker streamlines supply chain operations while improving efficiency and cost control.