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What is a Shipping Broker

Shipping Broker

Shipping Broker

A Shipping Broker acts as a logistics specialist who arranges cargo transportation on behalf of a shipper. The broker is able to source reliable carriers and negotiating the best “buy rates” through extensive knowledge and relationships. Leveraging established carrier networks, investments into shipping technology, and strategic partnerships to plan transport routes to maximize efficiency and drive down costs.

Benefits of a Shipping Broker

Partnering with a third-party logistics broker, like TLI, can provide many benefits for a shipper. Having an expert in your corner can provide:

  • Cost Containment: Ability to negotiate lower “buy rates” through carrier networks and relationships
  • Risk Mitigation: Brokers utilize technology to properly vet their network of trusted carriers
  • Labor Savings: Save on labor costs by delegating daily shipping tasks to your shipping broker of choice
  • Elevate Technology: Have more access to sophisticated technology and integrations

While not all shipping brokers will offer every kind of service, the best freight broker will be able to provide with what is needed for your supply chain. The partner should be able to recognize what is required and what wouldn’t be required for your transportation needs.

3PL Brokerage Services

A shipping broker can serve shippers with valuable freight shipping services. A comprehensive list of services is listed below:

Freight Audit and Payment

Have an expert use freight invoices to detect billing errors to not overpay carriers. An expert to dispute improper NMFC Freight classifications, negotiate a charged accessorial, and discover operational efficiency opportunities. The best freight broker performs this service automatically through technology.

Cargo Claims Management

Streamline freight claim processes through expert freight claim experts. From filing to resolution, an expert freight broker will handle the cargo claim best as possible on your behalf. Allowing you to keep focus on what matters most to your business.

Mode Optimization

There are three main types of modes of transportation with sub-divisions for in-between shipments. Route shipments with an expert that can optimize your freight based on information provided. This can lead to potential cost savings and better operational processes for your company.

Omnimodal Brokerage

Partnering with a shipping broker gives you access to all kinds of truckload equipment. Whether you need a Dry Van, Reefer, Flatbed, Conestoga, or a specialty trailer like Dual-temp Reefer, a freight broker will be able to find what your shipment needs.

Make Shipping Easy with an Omnimodal Freight Broker

TLI has been a trusted freight broker for over three decades. The above services are just the tip of the iceberg of the value that TLI can offer and provide for your business. Start routing freight with TLI today to start making shipping easy.