By Joseph McDevitt

Category: Logistics

Final Mile Delivery Service

What is final mile delivery?

Final mile delivery involves delivering freight directly to the customer. In logistics, it entails handling large and bulky freight for home deliveries. These consumer goods are too large to be routed as parcel shipments.

What is final mile delivery?

TLI’s Final Mile Delivery Services

Our team is here to simplify your residential home delivery needs. We focus on helping businesses that sell bulky items like furniture and fixtures directly to consumers. We customize our final mile delivery services, and carrier options to suit you.

As your e-commerce sales grow, we can strengthen your supply chain scalability. Delivery is crucial in online shopping. With our managed transportation service, we ensure a great experience. Our transit times and customer service are top-notch, offering next-day, second-day, and even same-day service.

Final Mile Delivery Companies

Residential Delivery Service Options

We present a range of residential delivery options tailored to your shipping needs. From standard shipping service to customized white glove delivery, each option ensures direct pickup and delivery to your customers.

In our standard service:

  • Doorstep delivery means we deliver right to your front door or curbside.

Our white glove delivery services include:

  • Front Door Service: delivery inside your front door, and if needed, they’ll bring skidded or crated freight to the garage.
  • Room of Choice Service: two individuals will deliver your items to the room you select.
  • Premium Service: two-person delivery directly to your chosen room. This includes unpacking and removal of debris.

TLI collaborates with couriers to craft the ideal final mile delivery services solution. Our logistics service simplifies your shipping requirements and enhances the customer experience.

If you need fast delivery, our freight brokerage team is here to organize transportation for you. We can handle transportation to and from any point in the United States.

Delivery Appointment Notification

Our final mile delivery services encompass appointment setup. Freight carriers arrive at your customer’s home during their chosen delivery window. TLI customer service team assists with any required support. If your customer’s delivery time requires adjustment, we communicate with the carriers. Utilizing our TMS system, you can track your shipments’ delivery status easily. From pickup to delivery, we manage every step of the process.

Final Mile Delivery Options

TLI’s versatile equipment capacity addresses all Final Mile shipping needs, making us your reliable door-to-door partner. Whether you need regular contracted deliveries or help with seasonal and overflow inventories, we’re here for you. Our focus is on streamlining delivery processes for efficiency and cost-effectiveness, elevating customer experiences and satisfaction. Leveraging our advanced logistics platform and real-time tracking, we consistently meet customer expectations for prompt and seamless deliveries across the United States.

If you manage the supply chain as a shipper, you’ll benefit from TLI’s logistics platform. ViewPoint TMS provides real-time support, enabling you to book loads and track shipments instantly. TLI ensures smooth delivery processes to meet customer expectations nationwide, helping you achieve your customer satisfaction goals. Our final mile deliveries typically start at a distribution center and are efficiently and cost-effectively carried out by excellent carriers, sometimes even providing same-day or next-day delivery options.