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How to easily route freight

Routing freight efficiently involves four easy steps that ensure your shipment arrives safely and cost-effectively.

Route Freight Cost-Effectively

Routing freight cost-effectively offers several benefits. You save money by reducing transportation costs, which directly boosts your profit margins. Efficient routing minimizes delays, ensuring timely deliveries and enhancing customer satisfaction. It also optimizes resource usage, reducing fuel consumption and lowering your carbon footprint. By avoiding unnecessary routes, you extend the lifespan of your vehicles, cutting down on maintenance costs. Cost-effective routing allows better budget management, freeing up funds for other business investments. Overall, it increases operational efficiency, competitiveness, and reliability in your shipping processes.

Shipper Routing Freight

Step 1. Palletize your freight!

First, package your freight securely by using shrink wrap and banding to prevent any movement during transit. Once packaged, accurately measure the dimensions and weigh the freight. This step is crucial as it ensures the shipment is safe and provides the necessary information for obtaining accurate quotes. If you route freight using TLI and the shipment is damaged, TLI can file the freight claim on your behalf with the motor carrier.

Step 2. Get freight quotes!

Second, get freight quotes to route your freight. Reach out to Translogistics (TLI), the best freight broker in the industry. TLI offers integration with carriers through the Transportation Management System (TMS) ViewPoint, which simplifies the routing process. With TLI, you can easily track shipments and access historical data. Additionally, TLI often provides better pricing than going directly through carriers, saving you money.

Step 3. Create the BOL!

Third, create the bill of lading. If you integrate TMS ViewPoint into your ERP system, this process can be automated, reducing manual effort and errors. When the driver arrives, ensure the freight is loaded safely onto the vehicle. Proper loading is essential to maintaining the integrity of your shipment during transport.

Step 4. Pay the shipping invoice!

Finally, pay the invoice. Partnering with TLI ensures you receive detailed invoices, making the payment process straightforward. The clarity and organization of TLI’s invoices allow for quick and easy payment, completing the shipping process efficiently. With TLI, managing freight shipments becomes a streamlined and hassle-free experience.

Translogistics TLI Sales Team

Ship Differently! Route freight with TLI today!

Shippers often face headaches from freight bill errors, data issues, and lack of shipment optimization. Without a strategic inbound vendor program or dynamic routing guide, managing freight becomes a challenge. That’s why smart shippers partner with managed transportation freight brokers who are experts in the field. Book your freight with TLI and make the smart choice today! No one who has partnered with TLI ever got fired for being strategic. We’re in your corner, working hard to make your enterprise shine. If you’ve tried the rest, now partner with the best!